Spiritual quizzes, books for kids, redesigns and more

It’s time for another update. I’m happy to report that my online income is starting to look up, which has helped me motivate myself to put stuff back online that got swamped under the rug last year. I can still use a few customers for my online marketing and web design business, but I’m no longer looking at going back to 9-to-5.

Let’s start with the religion and spirituality quizzes. I decided to move them to my Mystic Minds site. Mystic Minds has become the place where I put my articles and other material that I wrote from a main-stream perspective on religion, spirituality and philosophy. I also gave it a make-over (see screenshot above), along with other blogs in my ‘online empire’.

I also moved some of my old quizzes to other blogs. My theosophical quizzes ended up on Modern Theosophy, which also got a make over as you may notice.

Schermafdruk 2016-02-25 09.33.50

My Buddhist quizzes ended up on my Contemporary Buddhism blog.

While we’re talking arcane philosophy… I debated with David Reigle on the Alaya Vijnana and he came out on my side of the question. Here’s my explanation in conjunction with his.

I posted nothing new on My Spiritual Quotes, but I love the new theme.

Schermafdruk 2016-02-24 22.20.15

I also posted some new and old book reviews on Great Spiritual Books:

Last but not least, All Considering also got a make-over.

Schermafdruk 2016-03-14 10.39.41

And of course I wrote some stuff here too, since my last update:

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  1. These are some excellent resources! It’s great for kids to be able to learn about religion, and then have games like this to practice their knowledge on. Thanks so much for sharing these!

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