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As some of you may have noticed: I have been busy changing my website over the past months. I signed up for a two month boot-camp and in preparation I went over some stuff for katinkahesselink.net as well.

I added some new functionality too. Remember my old ‘pick a random quote’ pages? Well, they have an update to bring them into the 21st century 😉

So do check out:

What some of you noticed was that in the process, I broke volume 1 of the Blavatsky Collected Writings. This week I updated everything again – and hopefully this time I did not break anything. But do let me know if I’m wrong. I have some styling stuff still on my to-do list – The Blavatsky Collected Writings homepage looks awful for instance. Bugs have my priority though, and since the developers boot-camp I was in for two months has finished, I do have time to fix things. So let me know when pages aren’t accessible, or not what they’re supposed to be.

One thought on “Spiritual Quotes and other news”

  1. Namu Amida Butsu, Katinka, i’ve been reading mainly Theravada for the past ten years, but have recently taken an interest in Shin Buddhism – faith in Amida Buddha.
    Other power seems to have a basis to rely on.
    Any thoughts ??.
    Meanwhile i’ll keep ‘ploughing’ through your “stuff” on this site; all very interesting & TONS of it – much ploughing to do. Thank you so very much for writing it.
    Hope to hear from you if you have a spare moment, but i assume you are pretty busy.
    Jack (Lavery).

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