What’s the difference between Spiritual Guidance and Psychic Readings?

I was once asked to become a psychic reader, helping people by phone. The reason they asked me was because I had (and have) a large website about occult topics. They did not check my credentials. I had never taken a course in intuitive reading.

I was too honest to take the job. It did leave me a bit weary of phone-psychics.

However, that doesn’t mean psychics don’t help people. One should take their advice with a grain of salt, as one should all types of advice. But they can, like spiritual teachers, help people get by and make important decisions.

The difference between spiritual guidance and psychic readings is that a spiritual guidance focuses more on ethics and ultimate enlightenment, whereas psychics deal with day-to-day problems like love, finances, career etc.  Spiritual guidance and psychic readings vary in how they are carried out and their outcomes are also different.

In all cases you should explain your motives clearly to the psychic, clairvoyant, spiritual guide or medium you are consulting. Spiritual readings are generally more interactive than psychic readings since they offer better insights about your inner self. A good spiritual reader will encourage users to ask questions and to question themselves so that they could experience the reading on a more personal level.

The main similarity between spiritual guidance and psychic reading is that both need the help of an experienced psychic, spiritual guide or clairvoyant. Another similarity is that both require the person obtaining the reading to have strong belief about these unique powers within themselves and also to be open to answers in any form.

In my experience, many people do ask day-to-day questions to their spiritual guide. That makes sense, even if you are walking a dedicated spiritual path, you still have a day-to-day life.

Making a connectionDifferences between spiritual guidance and psychic readings

Spiritual guidance encourages individuals to follow certain spiritual principles – in keeping with the tradition of the spiritual teacher. This means the advice given is more likely to be to accept what cannot be changed and work on your own personal growth.

Spiritual guidance is usually (but not always) based on an existing relationship with that spiritual teacher.

Psychic readings are often more impulsive and can easily consist in one conversation. They can help you know about the future possibilities in your life. A good psychic can act like a life coach or mentor and encourage you to make rewarding and sometimes dramatic changes in your life.

Psychic readings are always engaging conversations and will have their own twists and turns. You can come up with the specific problem for which you are seeking help or your psychic may uncover your concerns based on your past and gain deeper insights into your dilemma.

A good psychic will offer you advice and useful suggestions that can help you handle tough situations more effectively. If your love life is suffering and you are not sure how to proceed with your relationship, a psychic can offer suggestions on how to make it work. If you are having a bad time in your career and looking for ways of improvement, a psychic can help you with same.

Suggestions can by anything including: meditation, prayers, physical exercise, working with crystals, writing a letter to an ex or talking out your feelings. Psychics can also talk about spirit guides and give more clarity to your situation. They can help you realize your own intuitive powers so that you can learn to use them properly.

Ultimately both quality psychics and spiritual teachers have as their goal that their client learns to stand on their own two feet.


How spiritual teachers deal with money differs a lot. Some ask standard fees, others don’t ask anything, but would appreciate a donation.

Psychics on the other hand usually have a clear monetary structure. They charge by the minute or the hour.

You can find the psychics on various online websites who can offer Tarot Card readings, Palm readings, numerology readings, astrological (birth chart) readings etc. and also help you with issues related to relationships, career or personal life. However, they are generally expensive. I find that local psychics and sensitives ask a more reasonable hourly rate. Because they are in the room with you, you get a more personal relationship as well.

All in all…

When you are looking for spiritual or psychic help, you will usually have trouble in your life. This could be emotional, existential as well as practical. Although a psychic and a spiritual guide will both help you in figuring out what you need, it is a good idea to do your homework: be as clear on your purpose of seeking the reading as you can manage. That will help you determine what type of professional you could best ask for help.

Do you want to get empowered and enlightened or do you seek quick answers to the current problems in your life? A psychic reading is aimed more at helping you handle your practical problems whereas spiritual guidance will focus more on your general attitude in life and what you can do yourself to improve your life on all levels.

However, as I started out saying, spiritual guidance can include very practical advice. For instance I know people who bought houses at the advice of their spiritual teacher.

Whether you pick a psychic or a spiritual teacher to help you will depend to a large extent on your personality and on whether you are affiliated with a specific spiritual tradition.