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Judging by email, Facebook and visitor numbers to this site, I still have an audience, even after having been out of the air for over a year. So here is an update.

Now that I look at it – it turns out that I’ve blogged here for 10 years!

I have a full-time job as a software developer – which means I’m coding, designing, solving problems in JavaScript and CSS, and debating with our team about how to make our software more usable.

This is obviously a huge change from volunteer work, meditation, online marketing and  self-publishing a book on karma. I find it surprisingly fun and adventurous, even though on one level this is simple a desk job. I’m happy to go to work, which is a completely new experience. I’m in a field where the only way to stay relevant is to keep learning, which suits me very well.

I read Orlando: A Biography, a novel by Virginia Woolf (1) recently and she notes that we all have multiple (she says thousands) of personalities.

For it is probable that when people talk aloud, the selves (of which there may be more than two thousand) are conscious of disseverment, and are trying to communicate, but when communication is established they fall silent.

While I would not put a number to the amount of ‘personalities’ I have inside – I have experienced a profound change in my personality. Similarly, I have trouble articulating my ‘new’ self. This is unsettling to live through as well as sometimes hard to keep up with for people around me – though in the main my family has been very supportive and my relationships with people have improved.

I’m also happier and have signed up for acting classes.

I may get back to blogging, but expect my topics to be things like gender, smart books and politics.


  1. Orlando: A Biography, a novel by Virginia Woolf is a revolutionary novel that is a commentary on gender as well as literature and in has aspects of Science Fiction or Fantasy to it.

2 thoughts on “life changes – just some jottings”

  1. It is always good to embrace a new direction, so much to learn and enjoy. I went from social worker to antiquarian bookseller. (Yes, I have a copy of Orlando…) I am also using ebooks more and more on my tablet for convenience when traveling. You might be interested that I have started learning Dutch on Duolingo as well as about 7 other languages – what fun!
    Enjoy your new path.

  2. Indeed I have being doing much reading on variety of subjects, including who or what is the self, and have came across that before, the many selves. The work me, the family me, etc. It’s true in a way, and I still dont fully understand how it happens exactly.I try to be fully myself at every moment, but truly I am different around different people, but does that make me a different sort of person every time in different situations with different people. ?
    I know I have touched on reading about this too, but my life too has changed so much, and some quotes come to mind. “the life you pretend to live ,after a long time you can forget your real self”
    Truly ,I could think on this subject for quite a time. I know that at any given moment we are always ourselves, even not being true to ourselves, it is still us acting out in whatever way we choose, which makes us who we are
    I think I have gone off the deep end in this comment box, sorry. anyhow great to see you back again. 🙂

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