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Just letting you all know that I’m going to be moderating comments a bit more in future. That is: comments won’t appear on the blog until I approve them. A bit too much spam has been getting through, recently. Also, the quality of the comments here hasn’t been so good that it will be much of a loss. However, with a few days delay, comments that are worth reading WILL still show up for you all to enjoy.

I’m also closing posts to comments a month after the original post date.

Anyhow, this will hopefully mean that those of you who subscribe to comments won’t have to see the inane stuff people write in hopes for a link.

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Both an introduction, a kind of ‘Karma for dummies’, and a look at the philosophical questions that the doctrine of karma calls up. You will learn to question what you have always thought about karma as well as deepen your understanding of the Indian and Buddhist background of this teaching central to much of Asian philosophy. [click to continue…]

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Short term and long term – the environment and spirituality

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I was at the interreligious ‘march for climate change’ yesterday. Berthe Jansen represented Buddhism there and she noted that the bodhisattva takes a long-term view to problems and theirs solutions. This was relevant to the topic, because one of the problems with any type of environmental activism is that it has to prioritize the long-term future of […]

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Female vs Male Spirituality

As a woman involved in spirituality, every once in a while I’m asked what I think about female spirituality. I have always thought it a weird question and none of the books I have read about the topic have been particularly inspiring to me. Most people talking about the differences between men and women have very […]

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How to be a bad girl – or a strong woman

I have always had a tendency to fall for bad boys. I have long suspected that this probably expressed my own suppressed ‘bad girl’ tendencies. However, that didn’t stop me from being a good girl. Drugs, rock and roll, partying – they bored me (and still do) and my sex life is non-existent. This is all fine by me. […]

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How to bring more awareness in your daily life

1) Make changes slow, one at a time What I see people do a lot, is have a great intention to change their life so they are super-enthusiastic for a while, and then stop. We all know how unlikely people are to actually keep their new-years resolutions, for instance. The problem is that mere enthusiasm […]

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Selfishness vs altruism – same or different?

Two decades ago I met a guy in a new age shop who tried to convince me that it was arrogant to try and help anybody. In those days, somehow, I often had deep conversations with utter strangers. Anyhow, I was stunned at this thought, and afronted too. The thought of a world in which […]

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Academic learning vs Emotional learning

When I first became a Buddhist and I was suddenly mixing in spiritual circles I hadn’t entered before, a few people tried telling me I should read less. Don’t go too fast, they said. I was like: are you crazy, I’m not going to learn more slowly than I can. And indeed I devoured easy […]

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Blog Action Day 2013: Human Rights

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Every year bloggers around the world unite in blogging about one topic for Blog Action Day. This year the topic is human rights. It’s a topic that has always been close to my heart, but it’s extra pertinent this year. Sure, the situation in Tibet hasn’t changed much. Sure, Syria is not much different and […]

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