What is the goal of your spiritual path? – What’s your religious view of life?

Years ago I asked this question on one of my Squidoo pages. Since that platform no longer exists, and the answers are still interesting, I’m reposting them here. Note that all that’s in big letters was NOT written by me.

Am here back on earth to share my enlightened experiences with you all and to help you on the path of spiritual evolution. Am here only for this…I’ve dropped the ‘I’ which is the ego and am a lightworker here. Am here back out of compassion….am an enlightened soul….lingering here on earth for accomplishing the duty that God has given to me as gift. Showing people the way to Him.

To Honor the Gods and keep Them alive and pass my knowledge to my son.

To realise my real nature that -I am god. I am not the body. I am that by which I know I am or I am that I am. I am the I feeling. The mistake being done by every one is linking our I feeling to the body due to which we are not able to realise our reality that every thing in the universe is god. God gave some clues to realise our reality. The best thing is the dream concept.

Let- I am a bank employee. At night I ate & slept. Then I created a dream that I am a beggar dying of hunger and begging every one for food. Then a saint came there and said that this entire thing is a dream dreamed by me and I am not the beggar but the creator of the dream, but I don’t agree. The saint asks me to meditate on the point from which I get my I feeling. Doing so I shall come out of the dream and then agree that it’s a dream. I am only the beggar&saint. Here the problem is I forgot my identity and identified myself as a beggar.

Likewise this is a dream and we are god and the entire universe is the creation of our mind.

From what I can see, the Buddhist scriptures are simply metaphors , and that reaching enlightenment simply means realising that the only way to be happy is to stop wishing you had material goods, and so surely, Buddhism is actually one mans philosophy that has been turned into an entire religion?

To be a blessing to humanity!

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One thought on “What is the goal of your spiritual path? – What’s your religious view of life?”

  1. Man’s imagination is limitless. It is in fact the fountainhead of the evolving culture of civilization. One of man’s imaginative invention, arising from lack of knowledge and facts, is spirituality and religion. The belief in after-death continuity is a desire of man for longevity. But, so far, none of the dead has come back to tell those living, what “is out there”. All literature is pure speculation with a dearth evidence. MIracles, for instance, of the Catholic Church, are at best speculations if not hallucinations, or are contrived stories to justify the elevation of saints. For instance, it is said that in the Miracle of Fatima, the sun danced. That would, if true, have been catastrophic for the earth. Fortunately, it is not true. It was invented to raise the “holiness” of the Fatima “miracle”. Man’s “after-life”, accoprding to Krishnamurti, is “memory”, and the lingeringt “ego” among those left behind. Some brief, some long; Helena Blavatsky, because of her writings, will last for long. Others, not having written anything, will last only briefly.

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