Mahatmas versus Ascended Masters

Pablo Sender has written another excellent article. This time he goes into the Ascended Masters from a theosophical perspective. He doesn’t try and figure out who the Ascended Masters are, which I think is wise, as they’re probably a rather mixed bunch. Instead he tells us, from theosophical sources, who the Masters (and the White Brotherhood) are and he gives you some insight into who the Ascended Masters may be…

Are the Ascended Masters spirits, gods or living men? The theosophical Mahatmas were certainly said to be the latter.

Read Pablo Sender‘s article on the Mahatmas vs the Ascended Masters.

8 thoughts on “Mahatmas versus Ascended Masters”

  1. I think of the division above rather like that between spirit guides vs something like angels. A spirit guide is not an angel–usually a guide doesn’t have the scope of an angel either.

    If it was human at all and it ascended, I’d wager a guess and say most of the time it’s going to end up something like a guide. I’m sure there are exceptions where there are promotions–Metatron comes to mind…

    The bottom line in either case is that either type of entity is likely going to know a lot more than you. That’s the critical point. 😉

    1. The Theosophical Mahatmas were said to be clairvoyant living men, you know: as in having a body. That’s the critical difference here.
      But yes, I guess if you’re going to bring in the whole array of options on non-physical beings, spirit guides do belong in the set and yes, Ascended masters (as opposed to Theosophical Mahatmas) do tend to behave as you would expect a spirit guide to act.

  2. Dear Katinka,

    You appear to me,……engaged on the right path !
    Asia, as opposed to Europe, has always been the craddle of Spirituality !…And that is to very many, hard to explain and believe !…..
    Spirit Guides?…..How to call for them, and how to have them work for you without any harm in return?

    Best regards,


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