More than 300 subscribers to this blog :)

I’m not a feedburner stats addict, so when I saw accidentally yesterday that this blog had topped 300 subscribers, I was surprised. I added the feedburner widget to my blog just to show you all off 🙂

To celebrate I’ll do two things. Today I’ll share my top posts of the past month with you all – that is, the posts that were the most popular in the past month. Next week I’ll do what I did regularly when I started this blog: give you all an update on what was best among the spiritual blogs I follow. Without further ado, these are my best and most popular posts:

  1. 10 simple mindfulness exercises
  2. Buddha on Good and Bad Karma (quotes and explanation)
  3. Did Buddhism win the best Religion of the world award?
  4. The five stages of the soul transformation process: Michael Mirdad
  5. Karma in the Bhagavad Gita
  6. Intelligence and wisdom: not the same thing
  7. If you see the Buddha, Kill Him – an old Zen koan
  8. Manifestation of intention through visualisation in theosophy
  9. Why is self control important?
  10. About the Importance of Religious Symbols

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  1. I stumbled upon this site from a google alert and I am so glad I did. The range of your coverage is impressive and I have bookmarked your writings so I can work my way through this website and its ideas. I commend you for making this available to us all.

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