Great spiritual blogs: Sharing Inspiration (again)

Celebrating having over 300 blogreaders here by sharing the most inspiring blogposts in my google blogreader account:

The ability to withstand hardships in the spiritual path

This post examines difficulties in the life of Mirra Alfassa, who later became ‘The Mother’ in the ashram of Sri Aurobindo.

Simplify Your Life With The “One In, One Out” Method

One manager I know was so frustrated that she started a policy of “one in, one out.” When she was asked to write an additional report, she politely asked which other report she could stop writing to make room for the new one.

The Space of No Conflict

I have decided I am like the princess and her pea; aware and sensitive to just about everything that goes on inside of me, and there are plenty of peas to deal with. This awareness and sensitivity is a great gift, and with any gift, it can also be a curse.

Letting Go of False Expectations

We had expectations of someone that didn’t hold up to reality. We trusted someone who betrayed that trust. Something we were really looking forward to didn’t work out as we planned. Life just isn’t going where we thought it would go. We discovered that we have limitations.

The Subtlety of Growth

Regardless of what type of learning curve we’re on: whether it is on a personal development level; a spiritual level; or our own business development level, it is often hard to actually see or feel our own growth! One of the most common observations from my clients, is that they have just done something in such a different way than they had ever done it before, and were so amazed once they’d had time to actually think about it, that they made contact with me to let me know and usually to ask a variety of questions regarding their own growth process, and progress.

Breathe.Why I don’t care about success

Whatever your definition of success, it’s something you’re looking for … something that exists in the future. It’s based on your desire to achieve something, your feelings that you’re not where you want to be.That’s why the snake oil salesmen are so “successful” … they capitalize on the feelings of inadequacies that other people have. I think that’s horrible.

[Edited 2016]

If you’re reading this, you may be looking for great spiritual blogs. Unfortunately, the blogging scene has died down since I started blogging. However, I do still keep a few spiritual blogs myself.

For instance:

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