A year of spiritual blogging: time for some statistics

At the end of the year it’s time for statistics. All Considering has now been up about 18 months and is developing a steady readership. Over the whole year it had 48,542 visits from 155 countries according to google analytics. Most (29,284) of those visitors came from the USA. 215 people are now subscribed to this blog. I’ve blogged about Buddhism, Christianity, Spiritual Growth and more.

In terms of traffic the most significant event was my post about mindfulness, which drew 7000 visitors from stumbleupon on one day. In the two weeks that followed, it got about 30,000 visits, dwarfing all my other traffic.

Taking that post out of the equation, the following posts were popular as well (some written in 2008):

  1. Did Buddhism win the best Religion of the world award?
  2. Honesty is the best policy… except…
  3. If you see the Buddha, Kill Him – an old Zen koan
  4. Are humans meant to be vegetarian?
  5. The difference between spiritual growth and personal development?
  6. My disillusionment with Jiddu Krishnamurti
  7. “Love is the opposite of fear” ?
  8. Osel Hita Torres – aka Lama Osel goes on to make movies
  9. Organized religion versus science and atheism
  10. Intelligence and wisdom: not the same thing

    In terms of comments the following posts were popular in 2009, with each over 10 responses and contributions:

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    1. Great results as for 18 months of blogging I think. I just started my own blog on personal growth, spiritual development and other realted topics and hope to achieve similar results. Wish you all the best in the future.

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