Merry Christmas

I’m not the best at reminding myself to attend to holiday greetings, but this year I’m so wrapped up in preparing for Christmas, that I had to remember to give you all my greetings too. Quite suitably, today is the day of the winter solstice – when earth, sun and the centre of the galaxy align, as they do each year. Yes, that’s a 2012 hint.

We’ll be celebrating a small Christmas – my parents, one brother, his girlfriend, my grandmother and an uncle – at my place. I’ve chronicled my decorating of the place on my lens ‘how to decorate a small space for Christmas‘. So those of you who are sorry this blog turned out less personal than I promised, can satisfy their curiosity a bit. Look carefully and you will see that Blavatsky got moved off the mantle because her picture isn’t in a gold frame 🙂 Don’t worry. I’ll put her back after the holidays.

Speaking of Blavatsky, I did a piece just now with Blavatsky Quotes about Christmas on my new ‘My Spiritual Quotes’ blog. The blog’s a mere three blogposts for now, but I will keep you apprised on any new posts on my newsletter and this blog as usual. The design is also not quite finished, but don’t you love that sunset? It’s based on a sunset I photographed just outside the International Theosophical Centre in Naarden. I mean for this new blog to have quotes about spiritual themes that are all attributed. There are a lot of spiritual quotes sites already. For this blog I will not regurgitate quotes that are already circulating online, usually without proper source referencing. Instead I’ll be finding you all quotes directly in the sources I mention. For instance I did a post on happiness quotes and found some great research on the subject of which I abstracted the best tidbits.

If you want more Christmas reading, here’s a Blavatsky Christmas Story: From the Polar Lands.

Oh, and I do wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy new year.

2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas”

  1. Creatief 🙂 Bij ons is’t meer een allegaartje. Dingen die we zelf geknutseld hebben en ouwe troep van vroeger en dingen die aan komen waaien. Kom je niet meer vanaf, maar heeft ook wel wat 🙂
    Prettige kerstdagen en alvast een gelukkig en voorspoedig 2010!

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