Busy week ahead – Merry Christmas everybody :)

Hi all,

I don’t think I’ll be blogging all that much this week. So I think I’ll just say Merry Christmas now, when I still have the time. We’ve got a big Christmas celebration coming up with my family (kids and grandkids of my one still alive grandmother) – since it’s in the town where I live, I’ll be helping out a lot.

I’ve had a great time blogging these past months, so I thought I’d share the most popular posts on this blog so far. The most commented are:

Aside from the many comments my blogposts are attracting (thanks everyone) this blog now has about 50 pageviews a day. Not bad for a new blog, I think.
Unfortunately google analytics only has statistics for December – so I don’t know how this compares to previous months (don’t know where the statistics went). It is clear however that one post (aside from the ones mentioned above) was very popular: Messengers of the Masters or the Great White Brotherhood.

I think that’s likely it for 2008 …