Last minute spiritual gift ideas for Christmas

I have to bite my words: I do have something to share right before Christmas. Can’t promise to read your responses though – I’ll be busy the coming 48 hours.

But I’ve made several pages online with spiritual gift ideas. I thought they might be appropriate to share here. Some of you may not have done all your Christmas shopping yet (assuming you do celebrate this Christian holiday). For me and my family it is more a family gathering than a Christian celebration. See also my spiritual book reviews.

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Metaphysical Themed Book by Paulo Coelho

A story that will make you want to ponder on your own journey on the pathways of life.

Much like the main character in The Alchemist, Paulo finds himself needing to continue on a path of self discovery. He is wavering in his faith and needs some renewal of some kind. He first travels to Africa and then takes the Trans-Siberian railway through Europe and Asia on an incredible journey that results in finding a love that he knew before in another lifetime.

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7167Zw90InL._SL1500_Give them a nice yoga mat

No matter where they wants to work on their yoga journey, they can take this mat with them. They may want to take it to yoga class, the beach or just put it on the floor at home or in their office. It is made with a no skid surface and is easily washable. Just roll it up to transport anywhere.

I can recommend the Gaiam mat (shown, available in various colors and prints) for travel: nice and thin, yet supportive.

For home use most people will want something thicker, like the BalanceFrom GoYoga All-Purpose mat.

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9964634_f260Hand-carved Suar Wood Om Wall Hanging By Balinese Artists

Yoga styled home decor

OM is the main mantra in India, in Yoga, even (as a part of longer mantras) in Tibetan Buddhism. This beautiful Om encircled with flowers will do well in any yogic household. It says ‘spiritual’ without being too much.

0.8 x 11 x 11 inches

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How about giving a spiritual calendar or pocket book?

If that’s not going to cut it, you might also want to give spiritual books. I’ve made a list of my personal favorite spiritual books as well as a list of what I consider the top spiritual books of 2008. Perhaps the person to whom you want to give spiritual gifts is a man? He might like one of these spiritual gift ideas for him. Or what about these Goddess Art Posters?

I hope that was helpful for some of you  -and not too annoying for the rest.

[Disclaimer: I make a little bit off every sale I make on those pages. So you will be giving me a bit of a Christmas bonus by buying something on one of those pages as well.]