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What I Believe

Let’s start with the comfortable fact that as a Theosophist – what I believe is totally free. There are no dogmas theosophists have to subscribe to. Nothing is mandatory. No trinitarian God, no ‘Mohammad is the Messenger’, no mandatory belief of any kind. We even have atheists among us.

Still – I do believe in some things. And many of the things I believe in are beliefs shared by other theosophists. Here goes:

  • I believe in karma and reincarnation: the law of cause and effect applied on the moral plane. Being ultimately responsible for your own actions and their consequences. Learning from one life to the next. More about Karma and Reincarnation.
  • I believe in the fundamental unity of all things – and that this unity is the source of all our consciousness. This One Life (as Blavatsky called it in her Secret Doctrine) is the source of both physical life and consciousness: intimately intertwined at the start – and in human beings still connected.
  • I believe we are in danger of ruining our planet for human habitation. Greed, seeking technological solutions to every problem life throws at us, the worship of money and things – all of that will make it very hard to stop this train from riding itself in the ditch. More about environmental issues.