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Let’s start with the comfortable fact that as a Theosophist – what I believe is totally free. There are no dogmas theosophists have to subscribe to. Nothing is mandatory. No trinitarian God, no ‘Mohammad is the Messenger’, no mandatory belief of any kind. We even have atheists among us.

Still – I do believe in some things. And many of the things I believe in are beliefs shared by other theosophists. Here goes:

  • I believe in karma and reincarnation: the law of cause and effect applied on the moral plane. Being ultimately responsible for your own actions and their consequences. Learning from one life to the next. More about Karma and Reincarnation.
  • I believe in the fundamental unity of all things – and that this unity is the source of all our consciousness. This One Life (as Blavatsky called it in her Secret Doctrine) is the source of both physical life and consciousness: intimately intertwined at the start – and in human beings still connected.
  • I believe we are in danger of ruining our planet for human habitation. Greed, seeking technological solutions to every problem life throws at us, the worship of money and things – all of that will make it very hard to stop this train from riding itself in the ditch. More about environmental issues.

10 thoughts on “What I Believe”

  1. 1.Karma and reincarnation are a fact in Nature, cause and effect have been proven in science, yet science hasn’t proven reincarnation yet. Although we see 1cel organisms clone itself and leaving the old ‘mothercell’, this hasn’t been proven on the human scene. So it’s a fact karma exsists and philosophically reincarnation as well, however one has to believe the latter although it is logically proven.

    2.The ‘fall’ of humanity is nothing more or less than the idea an individual can live on his self. As we all know this impossible, yet we have trapped ourselves in the vanity fair of seperate living. Here we are One but not the same, as a supernova explodes, its light will travel to any part of the Universe. The reflection of this light is us or the creation, and every spot in the chaos has a different reflection.

    3.We are not in danger of this planets destruction for human habitation, however the people who are responsible for all the greed and misinformation have been put here on purpose to help initiate the Earth on its path of cosmic awareness. Since they serve ‘evil’, they will be taken away in due time.

  2. Curious. We don’t have the power to destroy life on this planet? Really? I’m not afraid for the bacteria (they will thrive as long as there is water here). But human civilization – that’s one I’m not so sure about.
    Just believing that evil will automatically be taken care of is rather a lazy approach, isn’t it?

  3. Civilisations will be destroyed yes, humans will not and there is no such thing as automatically in the usual meaning of that word. Nature will give birth to thoughts and actions through the right people and they will expose the ‘evil’ ones. However in a time like this, we just started the Iron Age, developement goes fast but solution very slow. In a few words therefore one can say, most of humanity will be wiped out to return at a later stage in time to continue their search for the Oneness. This planet however is ruled by cosmic law, and no human can destroy it even when he wanted to…

  4. Wow, that’s actually more pessimistic than I started out. I said ‘we are in danger of ruining our planet for human habitation’ – you are saying most of humanity WILL be wiped out? I actually think we have a choice in the matter – which is perhaps a more positive interpretation of karma…

  5. Katinka, it is not pessimistic, millions of people die already every year, however with a humanity of which more than 70% work in the weapons industry or subdivisions, ‘t is likely, no, fact that a Natural reaction will be that this part of humanity will be wiped out, just like it happened in the Atlantean days.
    Also wiping out doesn’t mean they become out of Life. We have a job to do, to expose who are behind the veil of corrupting the human mind. When there are not enough people who share their beings in doing so, humanity will be paused.

  6. Congratulations on this new blog, the first theosophical one I’ve seen! Better than politics and entertainment by a long shot. Humanity will prevail but the present civilization? Not so sure. When we think of the long history (all the history exoterically accepted by us) of the current races on Earth, all it is is a story of man’s inhumanity to man (and woman! ) That’s a lot of payback to be taken care of. However, crisis has a way of coalescing the best within us. Added to that the fact that we have tremendous potential to address problems with our technological expertise, it could be that the current threat to our environment is just what we need to realize how we are actually all dependent on each other for our survival, how all life is one and how our every thought, word and deed has an effect upon all there is. Already there seems to be an unprecedented upsurge of activity directed toward solving some of the problems that beset us and all who share this planet with us.

  7. Katinka,
    How nice of you to start this Blog I think many will enjoy it here in the days that lay ahead. Some years ago I helped roduction of a Tv Show. The Host was a woman who also wore the violet ray and her household was full of violet articles. She was very nice person, shw was awarded a commendation by the Govenor for the Show and later passed way from leukemia.
    best regards,

  8. One more thing to add in my attempt to describe the inevitable is the following from the movie ‘The Matrix’, as it shows why so many people will die:

    ‘The Matrix is a system Neo, and that system is our enemy. When you are inside it what do you see? The minds of the very people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are part of that system and that makes them our enemies. You have to understand that most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many are so hopelessly dependent on the system, they will fight to defend it.’ – The Matrix

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