About this blog: thanking those who helped make it possible

I hope few of you noticed, but I implemented a change in blog theme this week.

I’ll be implementing a few small details in the coming weeks to optimize the speed of this thing (I am not pleased with my host, but there are a few things I can do about this myself as well).

Changes you may have noticed:

  • There is now a tagcloud on the main page. This should be a help for new visitors and old timers alike find articles interesting to you.
  • I’ve also created an archive page. (with the help of the Simply Yearly Archive plugin)
  • The comments look way better now.
  • All pages have navigation. So you can go from a specific blogpost to any category easily.
  • I changed the place of the advertisements.

The rest of this post may be illegible for those of you who aren’t bloggers. So you can just ignore it.

My thanks goes out first of all to the wordpress blogging platform for making this blog possible at all. Second of all: My theme is based on the thematic framework, which will make updating this blog a breeze. Specifically, I adapted the childtheme Monochromatic to my personal use.

To test this blogtheme and make it work without messing up the blog for readers, I actually installed a server on my grandmother’s home pc [thank you grandma for letting me use it 🙂 ]. I’m quite impressed by that, but XAMPP made it doable.

Customizing thematic was a great learning experience, made easier by these tips.

Other plugins I’m using:

A big thank is also due Narayan from Effect Works blogging consultancy for pointing me in the right direction on some of the plugins, pushing me to set up a host on this pc and helping troubleshoot. It’s thanks to him that I know for sure some of the problems on this blog are not my problem, but those of my host (which will remain unnamed for obvious reasons).

2 thoughts on “About this blog: thanking those who helped make it possible”

  1. Hey, nice changes Katinka! Especially the subscription area at the top and getting Google Ads to blend in with the theme – I still haven’t figured out how to do that. I like your new look!


  2. I hope people figure out how to subscribe there… Websavvy readers will figure it out, but ordinary readers? Please let me know if you don’t understand people 🙂

    Doing the adsense like this isn’t hard, once you know what you’re doing 🙂

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