Breathing Space – short mindfulness exercise for when things get tough

The value of mindfulness is best felt when it helps us to deal with daily life and its stresses. This is exactly what the breathing space exercise aims to help us do: when things get tough, or you need to quickly switch from one task to another, you can get back to where you are.

The exercise should take about 3 minutes. Make sure to take enough time, in each step, to really feel it.

Step 1

Where are you now? What do you experience? Observe the following:

  • Your body
  • Your emotions
  • Your thoughts

Step 2

Bring your awareness to the breath.

Step 3

Expand your consciousness to include the whole body. Let in what comes up: thoughts, emotions, body sensations.

Breath with it.

Ask yourself: what do I need?

The image above is available as a postcard.

One thought on “Breathing Space – short mindfulness exercise for when things get tough”

  1. Beautiful and Short and to the point …in healing work ; (we work with polarity therapy) we often ask the client to pin point the part of the body (or attitude ) that seems to give them the most discomfort ; then ask if it had a voice what it wants to tell us?………all blocks or dis-ease have intelligence that becomes full circle for the opportunity for healing when given voice

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