Start your own free spiritual blog

I took over Mystic Minds two months ago because the owner just could not support it any more. Then, as you are all aware, sciatica intervened. However, I’ve now updated the CMS (WordPress) and opened the site open for new people.

That is: you can all start your own free spiritual blog there. It’s without ads right now, though that may change if the traffic picks up. If I do put up ads, there will be ad-sharing and the option to opt-out.

Any spiritual blog is welcome: from Christian mysticism to Aliens, from meditation to Muslim sufism, and anything in between.

Non-spiritual blogs and spam blogs will be deleted, obviously.

See the whole post, including some of the best spiritual content posted there so far. 

Update 2015: this was a dismal failure. I use the domain now for religious philosophy and debate.