Do gemstones correlating to the zodiac offer protection?

I just started a website devoted to astrological jewelry. Though obviously related to my spiritual interests, this is a commercial project: everything that someone buys on that site earns me a percentage. (my disclaimer)

One of the things I present there are amulets made of semi-precious gemstones. This reminded me of something I used to do in my early twenties. When a girlfriend of mine had a birthday, I would go to the market, to the alternative booth, and close my eyes to pick out a stone for her. It was both a test of my sensitivity and of the lists they keep at such places that correlate birthdays with semi precious gems.

The weird thing was: each stone I picked out ended up being on the list precisely where it ought: corresponding to my friend’s star-sign. I tried this three or four times and each time it worked.

So I do believe there is something to those lists. I don’t think they just piled all the affordable stones and randomly selected which would go with which star-sign. If they had, I would not have been able to replicate their results. And no, I did not look at the lists before hand. In fact, I knew nothing at all about such things at the time. I’m still hardly an expert, because spiritual protection is not really that big a deal for me.

That in itself is probably weird. After all, I was responsible for a morning filling lecture on the subject for the Dutch Theosophical Society this summer, and held a workshop about it that same afternoon. Not spiritual protection through stones btw, but through color.

I have mixed feelings about all this. On the one hand I do believe such things make a difference. I wear a yellow stone on my ring. The color was chosen based on the method described in the article linked above, but citrine is also a stone that corresponds to Gemini, my sun-sign. So yes, I do use this knowledge. On the other hand, I don’t believe they protect against anything major like say health, success, happiness or anything like that. In fact, I believe reliance on such things can be counter productive. I’m skeptical that way.

On the other hand, I’ve felt the difference too strongly myself to deny there’s something there. It’s just less important that working (to get ahead), eating right (to stay healthy), listening to your emotions and your body, and having friends (to be happy). For instance, I read a story recently of someone who has nickel allergy. She’d walked around for weeks with a body piercing that was red and itchy. For weeks. Knowing that allergies get worse with continued contact, she should have gotten rid of that ring the moment she noticed the itch. But since she didn’t, she can now hardly touch nickel containing coins.

No amount of ‘spiritual protection’ can protect against those things that we do without thought, without having a sense about what works for us.

This may seem like a tangent, but I do think sensitivity to precious stones is something most people have. It’s just not something we’ve learned to listen to. I mean, if you’ve not learned to listen enough to your body to get rid of a body piercing that itches, you’re going to have trouble listening enough to yourself to notice the difference between wearing two different color rings, or a new amulet.

What I do believe is this: finding out what works for you, what resonates with your own ‘system’, helps a person stay balanced. It helps us stay close to our ‘center’ and not get too caught up in what other people throw at us. That is: it helps us stay connected with ourselves. That’s the main reason I wear that ring with a yellow stone, and that’s also the reason I would advise anybody to buy one of those amulets corresponding to their star sign.

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  1. Congratulations on your new venture! That last paragraph is a perfect summation for spiritual jewelry in my opinion. Its to help us all stay centered and balanced in our daily lives. Great post, and best of luck to you with the new jewelry.

  2. Minerals have a vibration, just like human beings. They can help provide balance when we are out of balance. We can be attracted to them just like we crave beef when our system needs iron or spinach when we need vitamin C and iron (don’t quote me on that — I’m thinking Popeye). Citrine is a self-cleansing stone. It’s like wearing the light of God — or the creative force of the universe, if you prefer. It can restore you when you feel tired and weak, leaving you feeling loved and protected. When worn directly on your skin, it can start to feel too hot. Enjoy!

  3. All that we are is reflected in the world we have created around us. In that sense, when we experience other energies, we are experiencing an aspect of ourselves, so theoretically we should be able to go within, discover, release, and heal that aspect and all is well. But, like any dis-ease that we have created with the power of our consciousness, there’s more to it than a simple snap of the fingers. The beast can become quite huge and intimidating. It is a complex pattern of behaviors, emotions, thoughts, and belief systems that got us to this point in the first place.
    So I think healing gemstones are the same thing–a reflection of an aspect of our consciousness. And if we believe the gemstone (or anything else) represents a part of us that heals and strengthens the vibration of Love, Peace, Joy, and Abundance within us, then that could feel like the right thing to do. But to think the gemstone has some power over us, as though it is what will save us or protect us, is a mistaken thought and belief.

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