Day two of my detox / cleanse week

Well, things started out well. I woke up on Thursday morning with a very happy, relaxed feeling. Nice preview, but of course the detox hadn’t really started. Friday morning too: I woke up relaxed and happy. I’d gone to bed early – a by effect of the lack of tea perhaps? And the result was that I felt very much rested.

However, as I write this, it’s 19.30 / 7.30  Friday night and I’ve had a headache for several hours now. I guess I am having withdrawal symptoms. Tea contains caffeine, so drinking it is as problematic as drinking coffee, though the dosage is less.

2 thoughts on “Day two of my detox / cleanse week”

  1. Dear Katinka,

    Why do you want to detox from tea? Even AB drank tea! From everything you have posted it looks like you are living a clean and sober life with an emphasis on pure thoughts and actions. Is this a form of spiritual discipline beyond being health related?
    Alternate hypothesis: Do you fear not being able to find tea when you undertake your pilgrimage to India?? fyi, They got plenty tea there!!
    More important to live a vegetarian lifestyle, refraining from involvement in abuse and murder of our inoffensive animal friends who trust us. Eating their corpses after we murder them is repellent to me. I haven’t eaten meat in >25 yrs. Still drink coffee; no guilt. ;-{)>

    1. It’s not about guilt. It’s about the effect of tea (which contains caffeine) on my system. It just makes me more stressed than I already am.

      I know they drink tea in India 🙂 Chai, to be precise, if I’m not mistaken.

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