Can spirituality be fun? about spiritual group work

When I read this blogpost ‘Is Spirituality Supposed to Be Fun?’ I thought: great question. Spiritual world answers the question by listing some ways in which thinking about fun can be part of your spiritual path. Though that can be a useful exercise, I am more interested in another variation on the question: CAN spirituality be fun? And luckily the answer is YES. 🙂

I’ve been collecting spiritual jokes and stories for years now. I love the spiritual stories by Idris Shah and the jokes Jiddu Krishnamurti used to tell (though they are often political and religious, not spiritual).

More fun? Well – I think it’s a joy to share spiritual quotes. Perhaps not the loud laugh type of fun, but certainly enough to bring a smile to one’s face.

Even more fun can be had by sharing these stories, jokes and quotes in groups and then discussing them: what do you think of that quote? What does it remind you of? Do you understand it? If not – what is puzzling? In such a group dialog each person should get enough time to read the story and think about it, before being put on the spot to respond.

I love that kind of group discussion.

3 thoughts on “Can spirituality be fun? about spiritual group work”

  1. discussing certain humorous quotes and jokes is an attractive idea.

    However, online discussion seems a ponderous affair. If each comment were brief and each commentator were able to briefly extend her comment after others were heard it might be less likely to bore.

  2. I hadn’t thought to encourage online discussion of spiritual stories – though it does sound like fun to me… The usual procedure would be for people to just add any extra insight in the comments below the original one – just like in a normal discussion in real time and space.

  3. Hi Katinka, great blog. And great question. Actually, I have a book to suggest: Happy Soul Industry, by Steffan Postaer. I’ve never read another book that encouraged spiritual growth in a FUN, lighthearted way. In his second novel, Steffan follows advertising execs and angels on their quests for spiritual awakening.

    I’d be happy to send a copy of the book your way if you’re interested in a providing a review. It might provoke good discussion. I’ll send an email along these lines.

    Thanks again for the great post! BTW, Happy Soul has its own blog seeking awareness. Check it out at

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