Celebrating almost a year of blogging about spirituality

I’m very happy with how this blog is going. Not only is my traffic growing consistently (4400 pageviews a month at the latest count), I also get intelligent debate on what I write. And since I love debate, that’s really appreciated. I’d like to get more visitors though. So I’m doing a survey on what you all like best of the stuff I wrote about in this year as well as a link offer to all blogs willing to feature a post of mine. Details below.

The survey
I’m doing a survey in honour of being at this blogging thing, on All Considering for almost a year now. On my lens about All Considering I’ve put up a list of the most visited blogposts in the past year. Some are recent, some are older. Please add your favorite blogposts of mine and vote for the ones you liked best. You can even vote down the ones you didn’t like at all. For those of you who don’t like to go off site – here’s the list:

Click through to see the plexo

[no longer available]

Next up – I’m skirting that magical line of a 100 subscribers, and also of a hundred unique visitors a day. I’m just below on both. So I’d like you all to help up that number a bit – those of you especially who have blogs.

I’d like you to pick the blogpost of mine you liked best and link to it in one of your blogposts. Please make sure you add some information on why you’re featuring that particular post. Then leave the URL in the guestbook on my lens where I thank all my spiritual friends: that is, the ones already linking to me. I will link back to your blog or blogpost on that lens (if you have a preference for which please add that in the guestbook too).

The deadline? August 23rd – on that date in 2008 I published my first blogpost here.

Of course if you like my blog – please tell your spiritually inclined friends on for instance facebook, myspace, twitter or through Email.

3 thoughts on “Celebrating almost a year of blogging about spirituality”

  1. Happily, I have just discovered you; via the squidlog and AJ. I have great interest in “spirituality” and persisted through the various sites to subscribe to “All Considering.” As with the enjoyment of all new discoveries I am eager to find out more. Not just about spirituality, but also about the journeyman aspects of constructing a blog. I find that women usually explain things better than men.

  2. I never heard the term “link love” before. Reminds me of Avatar. You have succeeded in assembling a company of inspiring friends! I want to get to know them. Thank you for your hard work and dedication!

    Brian Earle,
    Mystery Minutes

  3. Hi Brian,

    Linklove is a technical term, fairly frequent among bloggers. It’s a reflection of the fact that links lead to search engine traffic & are often a sign of (mutual) appreciation & love.

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