Did Buddhism win the best Religion of the world award?

There’s a rumor going about a lot of blogs that Buddhism wins the best religion of the world reward. Unfortunately it’s only blogs that are reporting this. No ordinary news sources, nor can I find the ‘Icarus’ foundation that is said to have given the award because:

“It wasn’t a surprise to me that Buddhism won Best Religion in the World, because we could find literally not one single instance of a war fought in the name of Buddhism, in contrast to every other religion that seems to keep a gun in the closet just in case God makes a mistake. We were hard pressed to even find a Buddhist that had ever been in an army. These people practice what they preach to an extent we simply could not document with any other spiritual tradition.”

While I am halfway to being a Buddhist, this just isn’t true. There are plenty of wars fought ‘in defense’ of Buddhism. Right now young Tibetans are defying the Dalai Lama and trying to get rid of the Chinese in their country for instance. While I fully sympathize with their plight, taking to arms just isn’t the same thing as nonviolence – and that’s what this online rumor does claim. So let’s go straight to the heart of this and quote what was standard reading material in a class on religion and violence I took a few years back:

… the history and teachings of Buddhism are not spotless. The great military conquests of the Sinhalese kingdoms in Sri Lanka, for instance, have been conducted in the name of the Buddhist tradition and often with the blessings of Buddhist monks. In Thailand the tradition called for those who rule by the sword as kings to first experience the discipline of Buddhist monastic training. They had to be “world renouncers” before they could be “world conquerors,” as the Harvard anthropologist Stanley Tambiah put it.

… Like Islam, the great expansion of Buddhism in various parts of the world has been credited in part to the support given it by victorious kings and military forces who have claimed to be fighting only to defend the faith against infidels and to establish a peaceful moral order. (p. 114, Terror in the Mind of God; the global rise of religious violence, Mark Juergensmeyer Buy in the UK and Europe)

vatskyIf you think Tibetan Buddhism is exempt – think again. Any history of the succession of the Dalai Lama’s (let’s go straight to the heart of the myth) shows them being killed off by courtiers one after another. A short summary of that is available here: Friendly Feudalism: The Tibet Myth. It’s a Western wish to see Tibetan Buddhism as peaceful, to ignore the less savory sides of it’s history. And of course Tibetans in exile have a steak in that myth, because it funds their various monasteries, schools, hospitals etc.

I know this is neither comforting, nor uplifting, but I do think that the truth is the only foundation for true spirituality. The fact is: no religion is a guarantee for peace. It’s what human beings do with it that determines the outcome.

[edit July 26th]Given the amount of readers that wonder whether Buddhism can be counted a religion, I thought I’d refer you to the page where I host a discussion on just that topic. So far the consensus is: Yes, Buddhism is a religion. But I’d love to have all of your input. [/edit]

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  1. I did not claim this is an exhaustive list of the crimes perpetrated by Buddhists. After all – any religion with a sufficiently long history has adherents who were aggressive. All I’m saying is that Buddhism is, unfortunately, no exception.

    As for the Bahai: yes I’ve heard of them. Great ideals in general, but not sufficiently women friendly to get my support.

  2. Well said Katinka, there is no religion higher than truth. Any time human being form organizations and hierachies there is the possiblity for corruption and perversion. I am halfway to being a Hindu, yet I try and be just as willing to voice criticism of Hinduism as I am of Christianity. To be a true seeker of truth you need to be able to admit the mistakes that have been made by yourself and the organisations which you choose to associate. Oh, by the way I liked that link you posted relating to the predictions of the coming world teacher by the TS society, great article.
    God Bless,
    Hari Om

    1. after converting to hinduism what will you become – a brahmin , kshtriya , vaishya or a shudra or ati-shudra

      1. lolzz
        U can be christan hindu
        i.e christanity will become ur cast….this is hinduism…
        Dont judge any thing b4 having knowledge about that thing….
        And also slowly we are getting secular….:) Jai Shri Krishna…

  3. In his scholarly article “Budhism or Buddhism?,” Theosophists Richard Taylor takes on a similar question.

    “Responding to Émile Burnouf’s assertion that the Theosophical Society was hardly unsectarian,” he says, “…Blavatsky wrote,”

    “…the Buddhism of today is none the less a rather dogmatic religion, split into many and heterogeneous sects. We follow the Buddha alone. Therefore, once it becomes necessary to go behind the actually existing form, and who will deny this necessity in respect to Buddhism?–once this is done, is it not infinitely better to go back to the pure and unadulterated source of Buddhism itself, rather than halt at an intermediate stage? Such a half and half reform was tried when Protestantism broke away from the elder Church, and are the results satisfactory? …”

    “Blavatsky goes on to correct the error,” he writes, “of the entire Orientalist establishment – and both Northern and Southern Buddhist practitioners to boot – in their neglect of the true esoteric Buddhism:”

    “It is true [as Burnouf says] that no mysteries or esotericism exists in the two chief Buddhist Churches, the Southern and the Northern. Buddhists may well be content with the dead letter of Siddhårtha Buddha’s teachings, as fortunately no higher or nobler ones in their effects upon the ethics of the masses exist, to this day. But herein lies the great mistake of all the Orientalists. There is an esoteric doctrine, a soul-ennobling philosophy, behind the outward body of ecclesiastical Buddhism.”

    “While ambiguous, Blavatsky is nothing if not consistently ambiguous. Twelve years later, at the end of her life, HPB wrote much the same thing in one of her final works, The Key to Theosophy (1889):”

    [Question:] ‘What is the difference between Buddhism, the religion founded by the Prince of Kapilavastu, and Budhism, the “Wisdomism” which you say is synonymous with Theosophy?’

    [Answer:] ‘Just the same difference as there is between the secret teachings of Christ, which are called “the mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven,” and the latter ritualism and dogmatic theology of the Churches and Sects. Buddha means the ‘Enlightened’ by Bodha, or understanding, Wisdom. This has passed on root and branch into the esoteric teachings that Gautama imparted to his chosen Arhats only.'(10)

    (Blavatsky and Buddhism – Chapter Two: Blavatsky and ‘Esoteric Buddhism’)

    The Harvard anthropologist, Stanley Tambiah seems to accept the distortions of the priests of the dogmatic religion that Buddhism has become when he opines “They had to be ‘world renouncers’ before they could be ‘world conquerors'”… and promotes a false idea of what was the true teaching about the Kshatriya caste.

    Blavatsky instead wrote:
    The Upanishads must be far more ancient than the days of Buddhism, as they show no preference for, nor do they uphold, the superiority of the Brahmans as a caste. On the contrary, it is the (now) second caste, the Kshatriya, or warrior class, who are exalted in the oldest of them. As stated by Professor Cowell in Elphinstone’s History of India——“they breathe a freedom of spirit unknown to any earlier work except the Rig Veda. . . The great teachers of the higher knowledge and Brahmans are continually represented as going to Kshatriya Kings to become their pupils.” The “ Kshatriya Kings” were in the olden times, like the King Hierophants of Egypt, the receptacles of the highest divine knowledge and wisdom, the Elect and the incarnations of the primordial divine Instructors—the Dhyâni Buddhas or Kumâras.

    1. First thing, buddhism is RELATIVELY better than others in some already said aspects.

      Second thing only a live,only a green tree has possibility to produce brancheses. A stone has no possibility to produce branchese. Branchases means more flexible, more tolerance. It has nothing to do with purity. Problem is not with buddha or his teachings. Broblem is in ISM i.e. hinduism,buddhism,islamism…

      Buddha’s teaching are like boat, cross the river and forget the boat, do not carry with you.

      For buddha religion is for human beings but for other religions human beings is for religions…

  4. Is Buddhism a religion (?) — news to me — I thought it was an “Eightfold Path!” Specifically, Buddha neither affirmed nor denied the existence of “God” so it’s only a religion for some Buddhists. I vote for it anyway.

  5. Odin: it’s an anthropologists job to look at the history of the actual practices of people, instead of the ideals that started a religion. Tambiah does just that by talking about the ideals behind renouncers only when it relates to the actual practice of Monks and Nuns. It’s a very different approach from Blavatsky’s and it has it’s own value.

    Kirk: you’re a dying breed. Most people these days realize that Buddhism is a religion like any other and most Buddhists world wide do believe in Gods.

    Jim: what article are you talking about? Hard for me to keep up with all I put online.

  6. The difference is Buddhism never asks for an eye for eye, nor there any martyrs, in fact, it says hate is never overcome by hate. The wars that are fought in the name of Buddhism would have appalled Buddha was he alive. There is no other interpretation other than the fact that Buddhism advocates peace, harmony and non violence.

  7. You’re right, the idea of martyrdom doesn’t exist in Buddhism as far as I know. But the idea that violence can be justified and even be good karma in some cases, certainly does exist. It’s a very small step from defending the dharma to active aggression. And people have crossed that line in Buddhism.

    I’m sure that Christ would have been appalled at what some Christians have done in his name as well. As would Mohammad at what’s done in the name of Islam sometimes.

  8. Steven posted the following, which got caught in my spamfilter & then – by accident – deleted. I’m posting it again because it’s a serious and on topic response, even if I think it’s totally besides the point in some ways:

    First of all, I do not represent Buddhism as a whole, but I am a Buddhist practitioner. I believe to the most true buddhist, the awards does not mean anything significant. Why I mention “True Buddhist”, unfortunately, there a lots of “so called” buddhist which claim to be buddhist without any significant understanding and practicing of Buddha teaching (Dharma). I belief, it the same difficulty face by most other religions.

    Katinka: Karma is a very tough topic for us to understand. Karma is just like the law of gravity. Whether you believe it or not it exist in Buddhism belief. The only different is that it intangible and cannot be observed directly. Buddhism does not encouraged any form of violence, and killing whether intentionally or unintentionally or for whatever cause will have bad karmic effect. So, no true buddhist will claim that I kill for buddhism, and it totally wrong in Buddhist teaching.

    Buddhist belief that karma is a law(hence the law of karma) and there are no superior being to determine whether one action is good karma or bad karma. Our basic guide is 10 meritorious deeds and our precepts (any action that break the precept will generate negative karma).

    Buddha teaching teach us to conquerer oneself, and i must emphasis, it is not conquering the world. If you check out the buddhist monk, they renounce to conquerer oneself, let go of all material things. If conquerer the world, it totally not letting go. Letting go is a key to hv inner peace (self conquerer) mean we are master of all our thoughts, desire, action, speech and bodily actions.

    What is buddhist in simple words? “Do good, avoid evil and purify the mind”. Buddha teaching dharma teach us to eradicate ignorance, hatred and greed. (the 3 roots of all evil).

    I hope my simple explanation assist you all to understand buddhism slightly. All religion in essence teaches good practice but just the practitioner being human not perfect. Signing out.

    1. Thanks.
      A good knowledge you acquired about Buddhism from an unbound lot of.

      i just want to share you that, to exist God is not important those whose are want to free from suffering. If one injured for any reason, which is first duty to do? To cure or to found who done?

      If you think about “Karma” it is no doubt that, what you done you will get it’s result. So it is not important who will give it, God or anybody else, unless he (God) is not dutiful.

      Actually, it is a matter of practice in our daily life. Without practice in mind and body and obviously a good teacher it is difficult to realized about Buddhism.
      Hope your article regularly.
      Be free from all suffering.

  9. The Tibetan case you claimed is not true. Tibetans do not fight in the name of Buddhism. They fight for their freedom.

  10. You’re absolutely correct that there have been violent episodes in Buddhist history. However, I would still contend that those episodes pale in comparison to those perpetrated by followers of the three major monotheistic religions. Side by side, Buddhism’s history is relatively free of bloodshed and remarkable in its peacefulness.

  11. Hi,

    Enjoyed reading your posts. What really caught my attention was your stmt ” ….I am half way to being a Buddhist…” What do u really mean by that?

  12. Are there as many variations of Buddhism as there are people who profess to be Buddhist? What is in a label? If you are of German descent do you need to be NAZI? If you are Irish Catholic do you sanction the inquisition? Is it important to have a label? I am sort of Zen, sort of International Sufi, sort of Christian, and sort of Pagan but I am not a label! What does a label do except create divisiveness?

  13. See also: “The Geneva-based International Coalition for the Advancement of Religion and Spirituality (ICA-RUS) bestowed The Best Religion in the World award this year on the Buddhist community on Aug 7 in Geneva.”


    However, that foundation does not seem to exist outside the blogosphere. I could find no website for either ICARUS or the “International coalistion for the advancement of religion and spirituality”. I still think this whole thing is a hoax – one that has fooled a few real newspapers as well.

  14. As a tibetan i am writing to clarify the (mis)information you’ve written regarding tibetan defying Dalai Lama and fighting, yes soome of us are defying Dalai Lama but we never in the name of Buddhism tried to kill anyone. We just want His Holiness to Do more than just sweet talk chinese govt. We want more action and less talk but not in the sense to kill any sentient being.
    Also i never heard of anyone (those Tibetans defying Dalai Lama ) taking up arms but if you think being vocal about our cause is violent to you then so be it

  15. Yangzom: welcome to this blog.

    I didn’t mean to imply that.

    I think it’s perfectly understandable and permissible that people fight against oppression and speak out about injustice. One of the questions here is whether, historically, Buddhists (not just Tibetan Buddhists) have been more peaceful than people of other religions.

    This is a very difficult question to answer, because (at least in part) it’s very hard to define who is ‘a Buddhist’. It’s secondly hard to distinguish between what people do, and what they do in their capacity ‘as Buddhist’.

    I do think the Dalai Lama takes being peaceful to a level most humans, Buddhists or no Buddhists, can only aspire to. In that sense he exemplifies an ideal Buddhism that does deserve the name ‘most peaceful religion in the world’. Most Buddhists, being people first and Buddhists second, are less idealistic. Understandably so.

    Personally I think that the human rights of Tibetans are under constant threat under Chinese rule and I wish the Chinese were less suppressive of minorities. Since they are very oppressive to any minorities, and don’t support freedom of speech even for their own population, I think speaking up about that is very important.

    However I do think there are Tibetans who go further than you do and DO want to use violent means to get rid of Chinese occupation. I assume many of these Tibetans do still consider themselves Buddhist. To what extent a religion should be judged by it’s extremists (of whatever form) is a very difficult question that I don’t presume t0 answer here.

    However, if we don’t judge Buddhism by it’s extremists, we should also not judge Islam for it’s share of extremists.

  16. i feel like you are trying to look buddhism look bad, just because some one wrote buddhism is best religion( i am not saying it is, every religion is perfect and gives the same message. i you follow it in the right path) that article about buddhism being best is not even a official, just some random blog and i don’t it is neccessary that you have to spill every bad thing( don’t know if all of them are correct) happened in the past.

    p.s- tibetans are fighting for freedom not in the name of buddhisht. i didn’t mean literely fighting. tibetan could have made everything worse by going again chinese violently (even though we can’t win) killing people. through the buddhism teaching. Dalia lama is taking it peacfully.

  17. Well all of you are i think dumb.buddhisht is not a very good religion when its come infront of ISLAM.Islam is the most popular and fastly spreading religion in the world.

    1. why do you think budhism is not a very good religion when its come in front of Islam. explain me why? iam a Hindu . i had been following about Buddhism for a while and i think Buddhism is the best religion in the world.

  18. I am a Tibetan n a buddhist also. No religion is best. all r best and all r equally important for mankind. For my spiritual needs buddhism serves best among others but thats does not confirms that buddhism is best for rest all. Each one has a moral duty to respect and cherish all religious traditions. Its morally wrong and irresponsible to look down on other religions just because it doesn’t suits him or her personally. For instance, christianity does not suits my spiritual needs, but it suits to millions others and same in case of each religion. One single religion is not capable of fullfilling the spiritual needs of whole mankind family. Diversities of religious traditions is good in itself to serve the spiritual needs of mankind. There is no disputes no conflict… But tibetan r fighting for human rights and freedom.. not for buddhism..

  19. That news was suppose to be a joke, do not take it seriously.

    I believes that there is no perfect religion cause all religion were designated to be practiced by imperfect beings.

  20. You answered Kirk back in July 2009 that ‘most people these days realize that Buddhism is a religion like any other and most Buddhists worldwide do believe in Gods.’ I am interested in Buddhism and am learning about it – I thought that are no gods in Buddhism. And that Buddha and this tangible figure people bow to is just to remind us about human suffering and how we should help end it or decrease it or whatever. I haven’t run across a reading yet about Buddhists believing in a god or gods. That’s what drew me to Buddhism in the first place. I didn’t want a ‘middle man’ to pray to, or ask for guidance or answers, or get upset at and think I’m getting punished. I believe that all that is within us and that we have to figure out how to find those answers in ourselves, and not to look to or depend on an entity to find it for us. Where can I find material that Buddhists do believe in Gods?

    I apologize if I sound fragmented, my thoughts go all over the place.

  21. Hindu is the only and oldest religion, who never fought against any religion . They defened only when other religion (Christianty and Islam) try to destroy his exsistance.

  22. Even Gautham buddha born as hindu and learn Yoga and other spritual techniques from hindu religious teachers and further enhance in his own way.

  23. Hi Katinka

    Thanks for clarifying more about religions.

    In fact, you are wrong in thinking that Buddhism did not win any awards.

    I am an atheist – I was born in a different religion other than Buddhism, which I don’t want to mention. Let me say, I don’t follow any religion because I am a person who chose to “live life”.

    However, according to the years of research in different countries, Buddhism is by far the BEST religion in the world. I have read about EVERY religion except a few of India and South Africa, which are practiced only by a minority.

    With reference to your case about Sri Lanka, Buddhist monks have blessed the military soldiers not to perform well in the war, but to heal their wounds using ancient methods. There intention was to save life and not to give life to destroy life.

    With reference to the case about Dalai Lama; this practice of one replacing another is a practice based on a false myth that Buddha is born again, which is Clearly against all religious scriptures.

    Violence is NEVER justified in Buddhism. I do not know from where you have read this. One of my whole University dissertations was based on this topic on a more larger scale.


    Clearly, you are in a misconception and it is a sin to say unthoughtful saying towards such a practice.

    Other Major religions have APPROVED VIOLENCE in some page of their books, even on a Minor scale if not Major.

    If you show me any such instance in Buddhism, I will commit suicide in front of the White house in America.

  24. If a person thinks that he/she should live life and be un-religious to get life “free from restrictions” then I must tell you that it is the worst thing you will do.

    It is true that religions tell you how to live your life but choosing the true religion. I must say, “It is not about choosing the best religion but it is about choosing the true religion”.

    You should know that the teachings of religions can be good but the results will be bad. You should do good deeds while only following the true religion to get the prize of life.
    It doesn’t means that you should not do good deeds if you’re following an untrue religion.

    Untrue religions can have great moral values and can teach you good deeds but a thing which is false is a thing which will be always false.

    Don’t ever think that you want to “live your life” and don’t want restrictions by the true religion on it.
    You should know that this life is temporary and the “life after death” is the one true and always living life.

    At last, I will tell you that which is the true religion.
    Islam is the only true faith and the only one God is “ALLAH”.

    Bible was also the words of God but since the time when it came, it is changed a lot. And Jesus was a Prophet (messenger) and not the son of “ALLAH”.

    “ALLAH” is one and He has no relatives!

    I will prefer you that if you want to be in heaven, read Qur’an, be a Muslim, only believe on “ALLAH” and do good deeds after that.

    Remember that this life is only a test and “ALLAH” has no son.

  25. First of all Im a sri lankan Buddhist by berth and im proud about that. The thing is that Buddhism is no a religion even though it is considerd as a religion. so let the other religion to fight for the 1st pleas. And the other thing is we consider that only the “””””Theravada Buddhism””” as the true Buddhism. but that is my believe… and i believe that it is a philosophy. Again it is what i believe.. and for your information there was no wars fought in the the name of Buddha in Sri Lanka all the wars that was in Sri Lanka only to protect my mother land Sri Lank.. so i invite you all read about Theravada Buddhism and the history of it than you will understand what the Theravada Buddhism is and then only you have the right to talk about it…

    finally i leave u with this its the The Four Noble Truths

    1)Life as we know it ultimately is or leads to suffering/uneasiness (dukkha) in one way or another.
    2)Suffering is caused by craving. This is often expressed as a deluded clinging to a certain sense of existence, to selfhood, or to the things or phenomena that we consider the cause of happiness or unhappiness. Craving also has its negative aspect, i.e. one craves that a certain state of affairs not exist.
    3)Suffering ends when craving ends. This is achieved by eliminating delusion, thereby reaching a liberated state of Enlightenment (bodhi);
    4)Reaching this liberated state is achieved by following the path laid out by the Buddha.

    (it is so hard to translate to English. )
    hope u understand what im trying to say…

  26. txx katinka you are doing a great work
    I,m Sri lankan buddhist ,who believe that all religions perform equally to make the world better,and I respect them alike,that is what we have been taught by our great religion which is free of violence.Unfortunately we can see some try to be unique becoming extremist,I think that is the starting point of violence,Please don’t try to be the upper hand telling that I,m the supreme, without observing others. I know and observed my religion well but I don’t know others ,then I cant say mine is the best.Practice tolerance. May all being happy,healthy and cure, Lord Buddha’s saying. txx

  27. My God! What are you doing? Do you know who you are? Do you know clearly about Buddhism, Christianity, or Islam? I don’t think you do? Please each of you go to your own religion and learn it again and again until you understand it clearly. After that go to the religion you want to compare? Then you will know? Each religion is a way of happy life. Your direction is the same, happiness, buy you are going different ways. Let’s see which way is shorter to reach happiness. FOR YOU ONLY NOT FOR OTHER! If the way you are going is kind is correct. If the way you are going is hurting others it is not correct. I love Buddhist if he is really a Buddhist. I love Islam if he really observes the code of conduct. I have heard that DON’T BELIEVE A PERSON BECAUSE HE IS A WISE MAN. PUT HIS IDEA INTO CONSIDERATION AND COMPARE WITH OTHER IDEAS AND THE REAL WORLD. Well educated men never wage war. Stop talking and go back to yourself. ha ha ha. I don’t think you know yourself.

  28. Buddhism is a real true religion. Buddhism is not ordinary religion. It is very different from other religions because Buddhism has not consist creator (God). Buddhism is the real true Scientific religion because It is consist causal relation, true systematically, universal truth, verification and logical arrangement. Especially True Buddhists is not blind Faith! One must have love and respect for one’s own country,religion,literature,family,culture,nationality for all in the same way.They love and respect to their country,their religion,their literature,their family,their culture and their nationality.

    There are different kinds of countries,races,thoughts,religions,such as Chinese/China,Indian/India,Burmese/Burma,English/England,Japanese/ Japan,American/U.S.A and Hindu,Buddhist,Christian,Muslim.But the essential factor is not races,religions,positions,etc.

    Mentalattitude,honesty,diligence,character,unity,patience,justice,optimism,forgiveness,love,mercy,sacrifice,humility,moral ethics,etc are more important above all. One must be able to one self analyze.Each and every one of us should follow and
    live according to the teachings of one’s own religion.The one who does not respect another’s culture and religion does not respect his own.The one who respects another’s culture and religion respects his own.

    All the teachings concerning culture,thoughts,beliefs and practices are valuable in their own ways.The important factor is that the follower of the concerned religion must follow the teachings sincerely.Although I,my self a Buddhist,I obey the teachings and doctrine of Lord Buddha,I appreciate the teachings of other religions and the appreciation of other nationalities and their culture are all noble and valuable in their own way.

    There can not be 100% similarities among religions,nationalities,any opinions,cultures,
    philosophies,skin hues,mental attitudes,sex,language,polical,social origin,property,visions,of people in the World.There would be more beneficence from performance of seeing with love and sympathetic mind(with optimistic view) for a particular thing rather than blaming or extreme criticize(with a pessimistic view) in contrast to others.

    The English culture is best for the English,while the Burmese culture is good for the Burmese.The Indian culture is also best for the Indian people,while the Chinese culture is good for the Chinese people.Likewise,Christians must obey the teachings of the Bible,Buddhists must obey the teaching of Buddhism,Hindus must obey the teachings of the Hinduism and Muslims must obey the teachings of Quran.
    Please visit following these websites:


    I believe that Buddhist is the Best! The Lord Buddha is the Greatest Teacher of human and Gods.

    The Lord Buddha and Lord Jesus Christ’s teachings are very similarities. For example: Do not INSULT to other religion. To abstain all evil. To do what is good. To purified the mind. To do loving kindness. To forgive to others. To humble and patient to others. To self respect and to respect to others and to respect to every religion!!!

  29. Real Buddha’s teaching is Empty Soul. he teach how to no longer reborn in the next life,How to no longer be suffer by Birth ,senility,Pain and Death. that’s all

    PS. Sorry i’m not good at English but i want you all to know that don’t compare to each one since humans never following the real pure teaching of each religions.

    But i’m Buddhism and i never thought to change to other.

  30. Can someone explain what is this sikihism religion? It keeps coming up in a lot of sites not 2 mention there are a lot Sikhs in aust

  31. In short, has anyone in this whole world ever seen a real God?????? Why do any of you believe in the unseen?????
    Who is God?
    Where is God?
    What is God?
    Believe in hearsay? = stupid….!
    Believe in tales passed down from generations? = brainless…..!
    What are our eyes for????
    Obviously those who believe in the unseen do not trust their own eyes.
    Do not simply believe in tales passed down from your elders just because they are your elders.
    Many religions says that their religion ( the holy book) teachings was passed down from God, the only one God. Wonder whether they’ve seen the God as claimed.
    God say this and God say that….???????
    Messenger of God…??????
    Why do those Gods as claimed, created so many of his creation as non believers of him??? Later instruct his believers to kill those non believers????? Think….!
    Think out of the box…..human……
    God is not perfect, i guess. Cause if God is perfect, he would have created a perfect human beings without asking his creation later to sacrifice with pain and blood which is circumcise. Get me???
    New born babies = mute, blind, limbless, deaf, handicapped, retarded???
    Is God perfect or fair???
    New born are sinless……
    Then why all the above??? Any answer???

      1. so, where did those teaching coming from? almost all religions in this world said about the god who is the creator.
        Does the Buddha’s teaching explain about the god who is the creator? Yes, I have heard about this in Brahmanimantana Sutta or Jaya Manggala Sutta. The Buddha explained about a powerful god (Maha Brahma, the name of that Brahma is Brahma Baka), more powerful than others gods (Devas).
        Here is the link with english version: http://buddhasutra.com/files/brahmanimantana_sutta.htm

        1. That sutra makes it clear that Buddha was MORE powerful than Brahma. That fits: according to Buddhism cosmology even the most powerful Gods are still trapped in samsara and Buddha is the only one who got out – and his path is the only WAY to get out.

    1. Hi ,

      There r Gods, Brahma, etc .But they r still inside the 31 plane of existence so they have not free from suffering yet.

      If we beleive in Buddha, we need to practise mediation to understand the four nobel truths and to be free from suffering .That is the real buddhism.

      let try

  32. hey guys,
    stop being confused.
    Buddha is a supernatural human who show us ONLY the way.He didn’t forced us to believe in him.
    2 Basic rules of Buddhists are:
    If you do good things, you will be a good person.
    If you do bad things, you will be a bad person.

  33. Hi,we should not judge any religion by judging the followers,
    because they may not follow it properly.Only way to judge any religion should
    be judging its scriptures ,and there prophets only…

  34. hi frnds, i’m an indian buddhist…i dnt undrstnd why v rgue on such quests….i w’ll nvr threat any religion here bcoz all r equally imprtnt nd i respect good teachings of all…..dis is the teaching i get frm buddhism
    who r we to judge any religion? r v so smart dn the founders of those religions?
    wat i learn frm buddhism is to love each nd evry creature of the nature, to respect mankind nd to walk on d path of peace…..
    yes i m proud to be a BUDDHIST bt i w’ll nvr underestimate or blame any other religion bcoz all teaches d same thing except the fact whthr v follow those teachings or not

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