Today is a new day

Every once in a while, when I least expect it, everything seems new. Whether it’s the way the leaves change their color for autumn, or the shades of gray, white and blue that make up the sky. Whether it’s the faces of people passing by or details in the architecture. The flight of a bird. The sun shining in a street window. The grass that grows between the stones that make up the sidewalk.

This newness comes, it seems, when I’m not thinking too hard. When I’m facing up to whatever emotions make up my life at that time. Whether it’s sorrow at my grandmother’s memory loss (phoning me 5 times in 10 minutes). Whether it’s frustration at life in general. Whether it’s a sense of living without aim. Whether it’s worry over financial uncertainty.

When I’m facing that, because it is what’s there. When I’m simply living what needs to be lived. Changing what needs to be changed. Doing what needs to be done.

Nothing remarkable – yet everything is new. Today.

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