Labelless spirituality – an interview with Mimi

I met Mimi as one of the lensmasters at squidoo, which is one of the places online where I’m also active. She’s interviewed here because she was the only one who had an actual question suggestion for my series of interviews on this new blog of mine.

Do you believe in God, and if so what’s He (or She, or It) like in your opinion?

My mind boggles at trying to imagine what God is like. The best I have come up with is that God is thought — God is The Thought. What that looks like or acts like, I don’t know for sure (of course) but I believe the essence is love. Look at a child’s face, a puppy, nature, family, friends… This is love. This is experiencing God’s Being.

How should people deal with people who don’t understand their spiritual life?

That’s a tough one for someone who is a teacher by nature. I love to impart wisdom (what little I do have). So, I guess what you do is what you can when you can. Take now, for instance: A certain amount of your readers will have stumbled upon your blog. There’s not a doubt in my mind that it wasn’t really a “stumble” — it was destiny. This is their call to grow. I say to them: You are here because you are ready. Look, listen and learn. But Katinka, to answer your question more directly, I think we have to just let them “be.”

How do you fit evolution into your understanding of spirituality?

I think God Spirit IS evolution. To me, it really is as simple as looking upon evolution as the process in the making of All That Is.

What online project of yours should my readers REALLY check out?

Well, my cause is developing character in children. Parents concerned with raising mentally strong children are invited to visit Teach Children Character.

What spiritual teacher of the last 100 years has inspired you most?

They are all inspiring, I have to say. But, in the last hundred-ish years, it’s Edgar Cayce.  I am fascinated with the little “friends” he played with as a child — reading about it was my first time really believing that there is such a thing as “magic” in our world. The collective consciousness that he drew from is fascinating as well. …When asked by a woman what is her life’s work, he told her, “Encouraging the weak and the faint; giving strength and courage to those who have faltered.” Now that’s an answer for us all.

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[Update 2015: all links to Squidoo have been deleted as the site no longer exists]

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  1. Wow! Mimi! Love that Edgar Cayce quote! Super interview! I am having a wonderful time getting to know you through your work on your blog and your super lenses! I am taking blog lessons from you and Katinka! Beautiful job here, both of you!

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