Sharing Inspiration

At  the awearnessblog the fact is shared – and it’s always a good reminder – that sugar is in fact addictive. Which is good reason to wean yourself off it (though perhaps slowly)…

On through the Illusion the author shares her experience of going bald voluntarily. She had been making hats for women surviving cancer, and felt she had to go through the experience herself to know what they were going through. Compelling reading that reminds us just how much looks often matter to us.

Dharma Folk asks why Buddhists don’t give and wonders if they don’t give because they are liberal… because apparently conservatives give more… Now how’s that for setting us thinking? Aside from noting that this makes conservatives hypocritical (in a good way) it also makes liberals hypocritical as well.

The Insight writer notes that knowledge is not the same as wisdom. Great reminder.