Some recommendations for spiritual growth

This blog is about 6 weeks old now and I’ve been amazed at my own potential for writing (I thought I’d be writing one or two posts a week) and at the amount of readers I already have. (And you all are so great at commenting too! )

The general advice is to really pump up the promotion when a blog is more than 6 weeks old. So I tried finding places to get links to this blog this week. One of the more interesting places I got listed is on this list of Personal Development blogs. It’s a list rated by several publicly accessible web metrics. Guess what, despite this blog being so young, I didn’t get the bottom place! Of course I hope it will move up the list a bit.

The list is pretty long. At this moment it has 73 blogs listed. It ranges from the very well known and established to blogs like mine which are new and relatively unknown.

For this post I want to share what I think are some of the best blogs on that list. I looked at their most recent posts and picked the ones I really, really like. I have tried to only list blogs that updated in the last week. Though some slower writers may have slipped in there.

Let’s start with Zen Habits. Stock full of great advice. I had trouble picking my favorite recent post, but I settled on 9 Fail Proof ways to eat healthy at social gatherings. Haven’t we all been there? The main advice is nice: eat before you go 🙂

I don’t like list blogs (I know, I’m the exception), but I do like the recognition that there is a downside to having heroes. The Positivity Blog lists 4 sneaky ones.

One post I should perhaps have read earlier is on the Think Simply Now blog: how to overcome resentment which has a lot of interesting posts besides.

I’ve been reading Awake at the Wheel for a while now and most posts are just excellent. I really had a difficult time picking the most interesting recent one, so I just went with yesterday’s: Can you really handle what it takes to get rich?

Moving down the list of blogs I find that Scott H. Young feels we should read books we disagree with.

The Ririan Project has some very timely tips for dealing with jobloss.

On Simplicity notes that we had better accept we are complicated beings 🙂

As I go down the list, I note less interesting posts (I guess most blogs that are at the top are there for a reason). Still there are exceptions. For instance:

So that was it – I hope you all enjoy 🙂

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  1. Thanks for the link, I’ve came across your blog before so surprised it is only 6 weeks old. I’m sure you’ll be moving up in no time!


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