More theosophy

Since one reader here commented that this was the first theosophical blog she’d seen  – I think it’s time to introduce some of my fellow online bloggers. First of all: I”m keeping track of our small community on my page about theosophical blogs – the wisest spirituality online 🙂 (let’s live up to that, shall we?)

The two main blogs are group blogs, both started by Chris Richardson: The Theosophist – is a blog I’ve posted for in the past and plan to continue posting for on and off in the future. The Theosophist has articles ranging from highly philosophical (I mean that in the academic sense!) to posts about spiritual growth and introductions into theosophical terminology. To keep things fun Chris has also posted about a theosophical picnic and his love for a bug.

The Theosophical Society – institutional issues blog is similarly a group blog. Since anything I write about that subject hardly fits here, I expect to keep posting there when the mood hits me.

Finally I want to add that any theosophist can start a blog on Ning, the theosophical community. I was invited there, so I’m not sure about admission policies – but if you want to blog about theosophy and related subjects and want a ready audience, this might just be the place to go. On the forums there’s a lively discussion going on about karma and another thread discusses how we became theosophists.