God’s hat – a theology joke

There were two tribes dwelling near each other. God decided to walk between them. But God wore a two colored hat. One side was red; the other side was blue. So when the two tribes discussed this visit by God, they ended up in argument. “God wore a blue hat. No! God wore a red hat.” To make matters worse, on the walk back, God rotated the hat, so that the blue side would always be facing one tribe and the red side would always face the second tribe. So that each tribe was sure that they had seen both sides of God’s hat.

3 thoughts on “God’s hat – a theology joke”

  1. Interesting! First of all, very funny! Second of all isn’t it SO HUMAN to be focusing on the color of a hat, while missing the fact that we were just in the presence of God!? HAHA! Keep em coming 🙂

  2. Funny…I like these irreverent pointers. I think I saw this in a movie—A Jesuit priest in 1800’s goes to the Canadian wilderness to straighten out the brown heathens, and the Jesuit tells them of the hell-fire fury they’ll suffer if they don’t get on board, and this one aborigine, asks if he’ll be punished for his sins before the Jesuit shoveled his truth at him, and the Jesuit said with brimming compassion, no no no God does not punish you if you don’t know they are sins, and the native said, logically, then why did you tell me?

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