Sharing Inspiration

About once a month I want to share with you all inspiring or just plain great posts on blogs I’ve been reading.

Let’s get right to it:

Ariel writes on his new blog A Few Words on Blissing Out. He exemplifies a traditional approach to enlightenment which seems to be more about withdrawing from the world than it is about blessing the world. But maybe I’m mistaking his intention.

Takuin Minamoto stresses briefly that thinking about a person isn’t the same as meeting them. The latter is better. Seeing is not believing.

In the Jungle of life there is a post about Fear: Does It Hold You Back? Great topic.

The Stupid Way (about Zen Buddhism) writes a post about money, donations and spirituality. This topic is close to my heart – but I have mixed feelings about it. Peter doesn’t: The Eternal Mirror

Daphne writes a post about Accepting Those Who Are Different, which I think is one of the most important types of spiritual practice any person can do. It is sort of the point of my ‘universal spirituality’ posts – but I think for most readers Daphne probably explains it better.

I recently found out there is a new theosophical blog: ‘theosophy watch’. One of it’s best posts so far is on a topic that unfortunately theosophists need a lot of reminding on: Choosing Civility

That’s it for this month. If there are any spiritual blogs I’m not yet reading I should be keeping up to date on, please let me know.

[I apologize for not writing my usual Friday Blavatsky post – I ran into technical problems with my blog which had to be solved first. The above post is what I wrote for Thursday, but only got published today as I had my bugs fixed.]

6 thoughts on “Sharing Inspiration”

  1. Hi Katinka,

    Thanks for linking to my blog in your post. I like the design of your blog and am not surprised that you design websites. Perhaps you could consider adding a RSS feed option so people can subscribe via readers instead of email. I wanted to subscribe but couldn’t find a RSS feed.

    Keep up the great posts!


  2. Thank you for the mention, Katinka. It is greatly appreciated.

    I like what you wrote on Marion Zimmer Bradley. I was always disappointed that she never received the Grandmaster Award from the SFWA. Not even posthumously.

    Keep up the good work.

    Takuin Minamoto

  3. Katinka, thank you so much for linking to me – I am very honored and humbled to be included here. And, I think this is my first visit, to your site, and I am very impressed! I’ll be back to read more later, and am subscribing – thanks for “guiding” me here…

  4. Thank you for the linkback, Katinka, as well as for sharing your collection of favorite articles from the past month. There’s some outstanding content in those articles.

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