The five stages of the soul transformation process: Michael Mirdad

Two weeks ago I wrote about spiritual evolution from the perspective of long term cycles. This week I will go into the more practical day to day questions relating to our own soul transformation process. Personally I can’t take 2012 seriously enough worry about it. I do however have to deal with personal challenges just like anybody else. Michael Mirdad, known mostly as a teacher of sacred sexuality, has brought out a book that addresses these issues: You’re Not Going Crazy…You’re Just Waking Up! The Five Stages of Soul Transformation Process. Mirdad looks at the process of spiritual transformation as a cycle consisting of 5 stages. We will go through these stages again and again as we let go of the past and reinvent ourselves. The only way to avoid them and step out of the cycle is to become so aware of our own growth process as to learn the lessons needed without life needing to give us a hint.

That last sentence will probably mean very little to you unless you already know his work. So here are the five stages Michael Mirdad talks about. The explanation is mine:

  1. Dismantling: when your life seems to be falling apart.
  2. Emptiness: when your emotions catch up with all the changes and you feel depressed and alone.
  3. Disorientation: when your mind tries to make sense of it all, and can not.
  4. Re-building: when hope comes into your life because things are starting to change.
  5. A new life in which you’ll probably be making new mistakes and get caught up in new illusions.

As Mirdad says, the first three can be summed up as dismantling and the last two as re-building.

I hinted in my introduction at the way that Michael Mirdad points to to avoid having to go through the dismantling phase again and again: it’s by becoming a master of your own path. He distinguishes between three kinds of people (p. 15): victims, students and masters. The victim let life’s troubles wash over them without seeing them as opportunities to heal and learn. This means they will never get to the rebuilding part: they will keep cycling through the various dismantling phases (1-3). Students do their best to participate in the changes life throws at them to improve their lives. This allows them to bridge over to the re-building phases (4,5). Masters, in this sense, are individuals who ‘have the spiritual awareness to “be the soul itself” that initiates the Soul Transformation Process. Masters don’t wait for life to dismantle – they will themselves actively dismantle those aspects of their life that block their spiritual path.

Michael Mirdad is a student of ‘A Course in Miracles’, so it’s no surprise that he sees unconditional love as the main lesson to be learned (p. 14). Stay tuned for an interview on this blog with Michael Mirdad…

In his interview with me Michael tells me I did not describe the rebuilding phase very well. Here’s what he says about it: The main point here is not that we will now move on the new lessons and problems. The point of making it over that bridge into a new level of love and trust is that when we learn to function from this new level, we tend to attract less problems. Also, if indeed we do have a crisis, we tend to be able to move through them far more quickly and with greater ease.

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  2. Hmm, that definition of five stages sounds like ego at work. Real soul transformation can be physically felt, minute by minute and was described by the ancients as “the peace that knows no understanding”. You will know that you are a different person, year by year. It just happens. Try this explanation: or this YouTube for how to do it, its very easy, you can get this right in a day or two, although it took me a few weeks of effort.

    take care,


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