What I Believe

Let’s start with the comfortable fact that as a Theosophist – what I believe is totally free. There are no dogmas theosophists have to subscribe to. Nothing is mandatory. No trinitarian God, no ‘Mohammad is the Messenger’, no mandatory belief of any kind. We even have atheists among us.

Still – I do believe in some things. And many of the things I believe in are beliefs shared by other theosophists. Here goes: Continue reading What I Believe

On being personal – or impersonal

This is for my theosophical readers.

Blogs are a personal medium. Having quit college I’m going to spend the coming months (at least) trying to find my own voice – instead of struggling with the demands of scientific writing. I’m going to try finding my own voice – and that’s not the voice of the Theosophist or even Quest Magazine. Continue reading On being personal – or impersonal