Certainty, uncertainty and spirituality

I have been in a very neti-neti (not this, not that) mood for a while now, in terms of what I share on this blog.

Not channeling, Not Krishnamurti, Not ideals

If you add in the topics I’ve considered writing about there’s even more: not merely God, not merely Goddess…

But I’ve gone further: what if all our spiritual search is a search for certainty, an inability to find meaning in life as it is, a romantic illusion we cherish?

I don’t know. But it does explain why I haven’t been blogging here recently.

8 thoughts on “Certainty, uncertainty and spirituality”

  1. Existential crisis time eh? I guess one could ask the same about physical reality–what if it were just an illusion, a way to find meaning, and so forth.

    One must learn to walk with a foot in both worlds I think. If it becomes an either/or, then the balance is too far one direction and must be brought back to the other side. Stability is the key.

  2. Hi Katinka,
    I went through the same feeling/experience with my blog. What helped me was to get out of my own pattern of living for a couple of days.

    I went down to the beach to spend time with my brother and his family plus it gave me a few days away from my blog.

    When I got back I felt re-freshed and was eager to begin writing and sharing again.

  3. If we truly are in a net of infinite possibilities then vibrationally you are perhaps “switching gears” or “changing the station” to a new way of being.

    Below is an interesting video if you haven’t yet seen it: (talks about this wonderful, infinite net we’re in the midst of)

  4. Thankyou for this blog.I became interested in subjective works at an early age in this life collecting hundreds of different books on the subjects.Reincarnation makes sense in the schemes of evolutions.My truth during this 60+ year vist,maybe even true to the materialist and certainly true to the mathamagician .”THERE IS NO PRESENT,THERE IS NO FUTURE,ONLY THE PAST PASSING”.We can all share the same faith in it.Rick

  5. It is a very interesting question, but I would like to see it or an answer elaborated. A spiritual search could be for many things besides certainty (even an intellectual search can have that.) I am not sure either if a spiritual search involves an inability to find meaning in life as it is, or a romantic illusion. I would not say the search *is* those things, but it might involve them sometimes. I would say though, if it does involve those, then someone might have some misunderstandings or definitely a hindrance in their search. A couple knowledgeable Buddhists I chat with on the `net who say they have been practicing for over 20 years sometimes tried to explain things using the tetralemma, but also with the idea of transcending it, which would be transcending meaning. I do not think life has to have a meaning, but it should have purposes sometimes.

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