Spiritual Quotes and other news

As some of you may have noticed: I have been busy changing my website over the past months. I signed up for a two month boot-camp and in preparation I went over some stuff for katinkahesselink.net as well.

I added some new functionality too. Remember my old ‘pick a random quote’ pages? Well, they have an update to bring them into the 21st century 😉

So do check out:

What some of you noticed was that in the process, I broke volume 1 of the Blavatsky Collected Writings. This week I updated everything again – and hopefully this time I did not break anything. But do let me know if I’m wrong. I have some styling stuff still on my to-do list – The Blavatsky Collected Writings homepage looks awful for instance. Bugs have my priority though, and since the developers boot-camp I was in for two months has finished, I do have time to fix things. So let me know when pages aren’t accessible, or not what they’re supposed to be.

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